Trojan (Suzhou) Materials Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2005 in Suzhou, is a professional manufacturer, supplier and service provider of metallographic testing equipment and consumables. The company has been focused on research and development, sales and services of technical application of metallographic analysis all the time, at present, in which there are nearly 50 employees, including a group of professional scientific research and technical personnel. Among that, their rich experience and professional knowledge are becoming the production guarantee for the high-quality products.

TROJAN mainly serves PCB and SMT industry, IC semiconductor materials, automobile and parts, various composite materials, fasteners, tools and aerospace materials, universities and scientific research institutions, where the products are widely used in metallographic testing laboratories in various industries, and have been widely recognized by customers.

Since 2005, TROJAN has been focusing on exploring the micro world of materials. In 2006, a metallographic consumables plant was established in Suzhou, China; In 2016, TROJAN established a metallographic equipment manufacturer and successively developed high-end metallographic equipment such as Alpha series, Beta series and FlexPress series. Today, our branches and customer service centers have spread all over the country, and our products are exported to Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia etc.

TROJAN pursues quality, science and technology, humanity as well as environmental protection., the metallographic equipments manufactured by which have obtained the CE certification, and the metallographic consumables have been tested and certified by SGS and other third-party organizations. At present, we have obtained ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification, as well as possessed a great deal of invention, copyright and appearance product design patents.

TROJAN is not only a manufacturer and supplier of metallographic products, but also a service provider of complete metallographic application technology and solutions. It is the responsibility of all TROJAN staff to provide customers high-quality professional products and services.

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