Alpha 100 Manual Grinder Polisher


Alpha-series is suitable for rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing of metallographic/petrographic specimens.

Brand : Trojan


Alpha-series is suitable for rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing of metallographic/petrographic specimens. It is widely used in material analysis/theory analysis laborato-ries of large and small enterprises and scientific research institutions.


(1) One-button flushing and cleaning, effective prevent the obstruction causing by grinding debris.
(2) The automatic working mode of cooling water makes manual grinding more convenient.
(3) Large diameter drain hose, not easy to blocking and drainage quickly.
(4) Pluggable faucet design, convenient for cleaning and maintenance the working plate.
(5) Built in automatic temperature sensing cooling fan reduces failure rate and improves working life.
(6) Equipped with mechanical button control panel or tempered glass control panel, three speed regulation, simple operation.

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